akshi 18-Jun 2018
Blue Collar is the newest Trend in Employments. We cannot say completely Blue collar is the newest trend but with help of internet is the need of new era. Engineering, Finance, Cloud Computing, Marketing or any big name in the Corporate Sector, Blue Collar offers more growth, freedom and sense of satisfaction. You ask why? There are many skilled candidates with government certificates but they are not able to get their dream jobs due to lack of awareness. So, here nempact is the bridge between those people and companies who are searching for skilled and deserving candidates. Read this "https://www.nempact.com/blogs/?p=57" and you'll know. However, this blog is to enlighten, Why Nempact? If you are here, you already know what Nempact is and are searching for a Job; and for those HRs who are searching for skilled blue collar workers. In both the cases, give this a quick read and we assure you, you will not regret it.   1) Placement Counselors :- Here at "Nempact" , one of our hand picked and dedicated "Placement Counselors" are just a stone's throw away. A network of Placement Counselors all over the India, from the similar background as you, are ready to support and counsel you all throughout your journey with Nempact until you are placed satisfactorily.   2) Continuous Opportunities :- "No one can find success in a night, but can achieve it a little every night." - Unknown As this quote says, we at *Nempact* believes in giving every ambitious individual plenty of continuous opportunities to learn and fail until they achieve what they desire.   3) Skill Aptitude And Level Test(S.A.L.T.):- This is basically a analytical test developed by the experts to enhance skills. So, here is the best opportunity to test your ability by giving "S.A.L.T.(Skill Aptitude And Level Test)" and know about your skills. And here you also know how many extra miles you need to travel further. And in the end, all this would have looked like a piece of cake.   4) Screening of candidates:- Big Companies or MNC usually hire agents to provide them blue collar employers And those agents provide them like 100 candidates and in those candidates there are only 10-20 deserving candidates. And it would in the end looks like waste of time and money. And for big companies “Waste time is worse than waste money”. So here we provide them screening of candidates from our side for which we can charge amount like “A drop in the bucket”. And provide them best or certified candidates which saves time, efforts.   5) Alternative career:- It is to provide an alternative career to experts and experienced dedicated employees to join us as placement counselors and share their knowledge which they have already achieved and attained successfully and provide tips which only experience can teach. All of this while earning themselves a  good amount of money with us having an alternative career option. Basically, “Kill two birds with one stone”.     There are many more benefits to connect with Nempact and it’s a never ending process.   The entire point of writing this article was to convey that we at "Nempact" have finally paid attention to the more deprived and under-raged employment sector (i.e. blue Collar). We have the vision to provide this industry with skilled and appropriate dedicated individuals and candidates a better career option with continuous opportunities. Like, share or comment here to connect with us. If you have any doubt comment we will be here to help you. Also feel free to tell us your concern: and we will be happy to support you          

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